Is it necessary to put insoles in western boots?



Just like all other types of footwear, deciding on whether to put insoles in your shoes or not is more based on your habits than the shoes themselves. For most people, matching a pair of insoles to their shoes is a necessity. But unfortunately, not all brands of western boots come with their own insoles, and sometimes you have to buy insoles separately to go with your new cowboy boots, and Rose Gentle sends a pair of insoles with every pair of cowgirl boots we sell.

A good pair of insoles need to meet the following requirements:

Material: Foam insoles that provide cushioning and shock absorption, as well as good support. So that you don't feel sore and tired after a long walk outdoors.

Placement: The insoles need to be just f placed in the boots, neither too loose nor too tight. If it is too loose your foot will slip in the boots, if it is too tight your foot will feel an uncomfortable squeezing and it cannot be ignored.

Rose Gentle boots are placed in a pair of Rose Gentle's originally developed insoles before they are shipped to the customer. Our insoles are ergonomically shaped, made of memory foam covered by a leather surface, and are the right thickness to not look cheap and thin. And they fit each boot perfectly.

When you buy Rose Gentle cowboy boots, you don't have to struggle to find a pair of insoles that match the boots you're holding, which saves you a fortune and time. All of our boots include a pair of our original insoles, so start picking out a pair now!

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