Is it appropriate to wear cowgirl boots to a wedding?

So many people are confused about whether it is appropriate to wear wedding cowgirl boots to a friend's or relative's wedding or to their own wedding. This post will answer the question and recommend you some popular Western-style cowboy boots at Rose Gentle for weddings. Being comfortable is key to wedding day, although depending on what the theme of the wedding is, it is definitely acceptable and fashionable to wear western boots to a wedding in some states. Especially in Texas, it is very common to wear western boots at weddings whether it is the groom, the bride or the guests.

It's absolutely cool to wear cowboy boots to a barn or backyard wedding. And wearing them to a wedding where your best friend/sibling/cousin is getting married, they know how you love your boots, and they love you is also great. It's only not suggested to wear them to a dressy, formal, no kids allowed type of wedding.

Many of the styles announced at Rose Gentle are perfect for weddings. While we're passionately designing more new styles, we can't wait to highlight a few of the boots below for you ahead of wedding season.

The Josie Boots

Josie's boots are inlaid with golden copper nails, and the intricate and gorgeous carvings cover from the top of the boots to the counter and the vamp. The beige Josie is especially suitable for matching with white outfits and wedding dresses, a head-turning weapon on the wedding day and you will receive many compliments. We also recommend two other styles similar to Josie: the Bailey Boots and the Lucia Boots. It is worth mentioning that Lucia Boots has a distinctive square toe design. If you like retro outfits, it is strongly recommended that you consider this.

The Levi Boots

Levi boots are embroidered with exquisite and elegant large leaf patterns, which are classic patterns that can often be seen on western-style cowboy boots. The embroidered thread will reflect a unique luster in the sun, giving the boots a high-end feel . We use high-grade full-grain leather on Levi, which has a broken in effect. The soft leather lining wraps your calf and is very comfortable to wear. The low-heel chunky heel supports your heels so you can move and dance freely without tiring for a full-day wedding.

The Zoe Boots

Zoe boots are a unique design on the market, you can only see such exquisite styles at Rose Gentle. Its design is reminiscent of the patterns drawn in the Roman court during the Renaissance. A large area of gold and pink embroidery patterns wraps the boot surface, which is very conspicuous on the pure white high-grade leather. Wearing it to a wedding, you can absolutely make statement.

In addition to the three recommended cowgirl wedding boots, Rose Gentle designers are designing more beautiful styles. Please stay tuned to Rose Gentle, we will continue to surprise you!

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