Boot sole engraving is a timeless gift

boots sole engraving

When it comes to gift giving, finding a gift that is special and will surprise or impress the recipient is not an easy task in practice. Giving something that will be worn out after a little use, or discarded after only one or two uses, will not stand the test of time. Do you want to give such a gift to those you love? It's commonly agreed most people would answer no unless you don't value their relationship with the recipient enough. Giving a gift or commemorating an important day or life event with an engraving on the sole of a boot is a perfect way to do so.

As Henry Van Dyke said, "It is not the gift, but the thought that counts".

Attaching your thoughts to the gift is the best gift of all. Also, one of the best ways to express your love is to have the proof of your love not worn away over time. So, buying a pair of high-quality western cowgirl boots with unique sole engraving is the best-personalized gift for those loved ones and friends who love Western culture or cowgirl-style dressing.

What is the sole engraving?

Just like a custom dog tag or an engraved keychain or even a custom-dyed t-shirt, engraving on the sole of a boot is not fundamentally different from them. Boot sole engraving gives you a unique opportunity to have your loved one's name, creed, lyrics, and quotes engraved on the sole of the boot by hand. The whole engraving process is like an artistic creation, according to the words and patterns you want, hand-carved by the boot maker. If the material used is premium and the craftsman is skillful, the engraving on the sole of the boot will last for a long time and it is rare to wear out.

What can you engrave?

The choice of what to engrave depends on the type of occasion. For example, for a wedding, you can have the bride and groom's names plus the date of the big wedding day engraved on the sole of the boot. You could engrave the nickname of a friend, his or her catchphrase on the sole of the boot to make a joke, wouldn't that be fun? Of course, there are many more creative elements that you need to come up with yourself! But remember, not everyone can show the sole of their boots at all times because no one walks on the back of their feet. So it's very important to remember to take a picture of yourself posing with your feet crossed and showcasing the engraving and post it on social media to entertain your people!

Where to engrave the soles of my boots?

You can take your boots to a local boot maker and ask him to carve them for you. Of course, as a boot-making brand, Rose Gentle also offers a sole engraving service. You can send your inquiry to the Rose Gentle customer service team, tell us the details of your needs, and we will arrange a one-on-one discussion with you to determine the engraving style, and generally after 4-6 weeks, you will receive a pair of custom boots with a unique sole engraving. Please visit our boot custom services page for more information.

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